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Noticia sobre serviços extras além da internet publica

Li um pouco o texto, pelo que parece eles vão ratificar a internet, certos serviços serão oferecidos ao público e outros a empresas que pagam a mais, isso dizem eles sem prejudicar nenhum dos dois lados.

Just What Are These "Managed Services"?

However, it's the third component of the Google-Verizon proposal, the mysterious "managed services" provision, that has proved most confusing and has the most controversial and potentially long-lasting implications.

In essence, Google and Verizon are proposing a separate "managed services" network apart from the "public Internet," where nondiscrimination wouldn't apply and where wealthy companies would be able to buy huge chunks of bandwidth and superfast connections. Some of the benign-sounding uses Google and Verizon have mentioned as managed services are things like high-speed, secure networks for medical or banking data. Managed services would be a faster, paid alternative to the public Internet, kind of like ultra-premium cable for the rich.

"We studiously avoided defining managed services to encourage innovation and because we don't know what these services are right now," Hoewing told me. "We define what they are not. They are not broadband Internet access that complies with the consumer protection principles where you can go anywhere, use any application, connect any device, and that would include the nondiscrimination principle. They are different but can use Internet content and [Internet protocol] technologies. They are an additional service, and we can't try to pass them off as being the public internet. The FCC would have the authority to look at managed services and send an emergency report to Congress if necessary."

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